Saturday, February 23, 2013

You cannot serve God and iMammon

I drove home in the pouring rain yesterday with conflicting feelings: One the one hand it was raining which meant I ought to drive slow and safe; on the other, my macbook was coming and I wanted to get home less UPS came when nobody was home to sign for my package.
Yup, I got my college laptop early (thanks, Dad and Mom!). It's a 13 inch macbook pro with retina display.
Needless to say, I came home alive, and my mac hadn't come yet. This meant I spent most of the afternoon looking out the window, mistaking thunder for UPS trucks and having song-thoughts in my head along the lines of "Someday my mac will come," or "Can you meet me half way, right at the border line is where I'm gonna wait, for you."
Obsessive? Quite. I was very eager for this 0.75 inch thin, 3.57 pound, 227 pixels per square inch, silver laptop.
Some dumb phone photos:
Went from 17in to 13in
Much more portable

My precious

Anyway, you know that I spent most of the night on le macbook. Luckily, the fam and I went to stations of the cross, so I got the opportunity to tame the flesh for at least a half hour. 

And now, with such an awesome HD screen, I can make my desktop nothing other than this under- appreciated piece of art which I became quite fond of during last year's art lectures and aesthetic trip:

Edward Hicks' "The Cornell Farm"


  1. Oh, taming of the flesh!

    Isn't it FUN though???

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  3. It is fun...that is until you realize that you still have to write your thesis on it.