Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NYC 2013

Some dumb phone photos from this spring's aesthetics trip to New York:

I saw my first Broadway show. Though the performance was (of course) amazing, I was slightly surprised at how human the play still was. I always imagined Broadway shows to have a quasi-film quality because everyone and everything is nearly perfect. However, I immediately realized I was still just watching people on a stage, acting.

An espaliered (new vocab!) tree at the Cloisters.

You either have to pay more or just be famous to go higher on the Empire State building than we did. I'd like to go up again during the day, but I think nighttime is the best if you could only go once. As impressive as the building is, its lobby fails. There is nowhere to sit. So as certain chaperones had to go back through security to buy the green-screen, souvenir photo of the group's adults (because two moms' attempt at running up the down escalator was foiled by security), the other 40 or so of us had to deal with the guards telling us, "You are not allowed to sit on the floor," and "You cannot lean against the wall," or something ridiculous like that. 

The view from the Salvation Army's roof. A recent/upcoming Spiderman movie had been filmed at a neighboring building, and we could see a modeling session on a lower roof. 

Photo credit: not me

Central park seen from inside the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was really enjoyable. I was there roughly from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 


Yeah...not possible. I was sprinting at the end to get through the American section. Something about the way I walk through the museum kills my feet. Walking all day doesn't bother me, but casually going through a museum makes my heels feel like cracked hardboiled eggs. 

Le trip was fun, though I left hating the North and the lack of Southern politeness. Sleeping in Laguardia airport's food court was fun, though rats probably were crawling over me while I slept. No one got lost or separated (pretty impressive considering our goup's size). And though D.C.'s  metro system is nicer, in New York we didn't witness any fights, nor were we delayed because a person was killed on the tracks like what happened during our Junior year trip. I prefer no fatalities, but witnessing a legit cat fight is pretty entertaining. 

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