Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Caroling: Fainting Goat Edition

Imagine this scenario: A group of students are singing Christmas carols to the residents at a very warm nursing home. Three people black out and two throw up. Who are these victims? The elderly people for sure....well no, wrong. 
Our school's annual caroling trip to nursing homes has a history of such incidents-students feeling faint, throwing up, etc. But yesterday was the record. Locked knees and the inability to acclimatize to warm facilities have always been the main causes. Shortly after singing, ".....glory to the new born King!" *thud* I spot a little hole form to my left as students spread out around a passed out 4th grader. Uh oh, little Timmy locked his knees. Worried moms help him to a chair and start fanning him. The elderly are a bit confused, albeit amused at the same time. 
No sooner does one of our teachers give us the typical, "Don't lock your knees" speech and we start another song, than *THUD* a 5th grader falls straight back, green-faced. An older gentleman starts gesticulating wildly in alarm. The girl is quickly ushered off.
Needless to say, our singing was a bit more shaky and off beat after all the confusion. You'd think we had come to minister, not be admitted to the care facility. 
I came to learn that another two students had blacked out and/or thrown up in the bathroom. 
However, I believe the old residents were happy we came. I just wished the powers at be put more common, "secular" Christmas carols into the program. I don't think the old people were very entertained with the obscure hymns we threw in to fill up our 30 minute time slot. Though they don't have any deep teaching about the Incarnation, I believe the residents would have enjoyed "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" or "Frosty the Snowman." 


  1. Ha! This is terribly amusing and I see it so clearly!

  2. Reminds me of a poor kid who was doing so well in the starring role of the church christmas play when all of a sudden he lost his lunch on stage . . . .

  3. Oh my. I actually thought goats were involved.