Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pickles and pidgins and random droppings...

So Fam, we are all familiar with this here Christmas ornament -->
 This here pickle has several origin stories. However, a particular story behind it is quite gruesome.
Three boys were the unfortunate victims of an evil, child-hating shop owner who murdered them. Chopped up into little pieces with the man's ax, their remains were stuffed into pickle barrels/were pickled.
St. Nicholas came along, prayed, and raised the three boys from the dead.
Perhaps not as entertaining as the story where St. Nick punched Arius, but intriguing.

What to read the Nativity story? Try reading the Hawai'i Pidgin translation of the Bible story here.

Speaking of pidgins and angels coming down, you should read The Birds for Christmas by Mark Richard. It's both humorous and depressing. It has become a bit of a tradition to my class and a few others to hear this story read at school before Christmas break.

Senior pictures were yesterday. My class dressed classy and had pictures taken downtown. We then dressed not so classy in all white/mostly white at the beach and proceeded to fling paint at each other. Very fun, until paint starting searing your eyeballs, and you had to wash off in the freezing water.

I think holidays tend to carry along with them an allergic reaction. I'm sick and my sleep schedule has been thrown off since the day we got off for break. I can tell I won't be nearly as productive as I planned....

But tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which means the tree will get decorated (I almost seriously petitioned to decorate it early this year) and I will hang the pickle without much sibling competition but with morbid mental images.....


  1. Aw man Stephen, I'm sorry we won't be there to decorate the tree with you and Sam.

  2. I can still hear Anna reading "The BIRDS, man, the BIRDS!" I'll see if Jacob is amused by my reading it to him. I'm feeling a little home sick now at the thought of no tree trimming at the Casa of Maria, but i have our first tree here to trim tonight. Jacob is wrapping and I'm about to go out and pick up a few last minute goodies. I'm fighting something too, Tebo, and it's probably bc I'm averaging a bedtime of 2am since i got of teaching. I love and miss you. Next year there will be a Reilly boy/girl crawling this time!

  3. Guess I need to get my own pickle ornament.

  4. I always thought the pickle was special just because Lizzy MADE it special.

  5. Wait. I seriously thought it was I who bought your father that pickle ornament!