Monday, January 21, 2013

More Random Droppings

In a sense, it's the calm before the storm.
Finals are over. I am enjoying the last hours of a three day weekend and have an annotated bibliography already done for Friday. 
However, starting tomorrow, I will have to really start grinding out my thesis work. Part by part we have due first our Lit. Review, then Argument, then Intro and Conclusion. 12 page (double spaced) is the minimum page count....yet I'm constantly swinging back and forth from confidence to extreme anxiety. 
For those who don't know, I'm writing my thesis on the medieval cosmos (the Ptolemaic model) and its theological focus on love. I've turned in a tentative thesis statement.....but I really don't think I'll keep it, meaning I have a bit of a lack of direction. 
Looking back at my research I came up with an analogy to describe my predicament: I'm a dog whose been ordered to dig a ditch. However, when I start digging, I get distracted by moles and buried cat dropping. Looking at my work, I see not a consistent, linear trench but a bunch of little holes dotting the yard. 
That's how I describe the coherence of my research. So that's my work for this weekend....sorting through all my research notes and trying to make sense of it.  

On a lighter note, I've gotten to play a lot of volleyball.
Church volleyball has started, so I have Thursday nights busy with that.
This weekend I played beach volleyball for a total of seven hours: an hour Friday and six straight (grueling) hours today. That's the weather for you. Sunburned in December. After beating three old guys with two friends (well, they weren't that old) in a exhausting three match game, my thighs felt like jello. 
Of course, on coming home with a red face, I was met by Mom (hi mom), prophet of impending skin-cancer. Oh well, it was worth it. 

My admissions councilor emailed me the other day and told me about a Facebook page for people admitted to UD's class of 2017. It's so cool yet weird to see people who I will be going to be in college with.  Hopefully I'll have some helpful, not-so-awkward communication with them.

Buff Brahma (x2): Big and fluffy, what else could you want?
Light Brahma (x2)
One thing I will not be telling my future classmates is the current season of my soul. Yes, it's fantasy chicken flock season! It's a bit sad though to think that I probably won't be starting a new flock till I have my own house and property.....quite a long time to wait. Oh well, you guys will have to indulge me and gloss over admire these pictures of several selected breeds.

Blue Cochin (x2): Big and fluffy (notice a trend?)
Easter Egger (x4): quirky birds that lay blue/green eggs
Buff Laced Polish (x2): Why not?
Silver Laced Wyandotte (x2): good breed, might replace it with another though...
Salmon Faverolle (x2): Derpy chicken with derpy name. Of course I'm getting it.
Sicilian Buttercup (x2):  I've always been intrigued by this breed. 
Cuckoo Maran (x4): These lay extremely
dark eggs.
Buff Orpington (x2): good breed. A tribute to the honorable Fluffy Buffy
That's my consensus for right now. They aren't all extremely good laying breeds, but I was focusing on getting the fluffy breeds I wanted and a broad spectrum of egg colors. Now just to wait until I have a good paying job, lots of land for free ranging, and the patience and skill to build a good coop. 


  1. Okay, fantasy flock just made my day. I want to do some future ud student snooping too!

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  2. Fantasy Flocking waaayy beats Fantasy Football.

  3. I want a Silver Laced Wyandotte. Do they make good pets? ;-) Seriously. That's a handsome bird!

    1. Wyandotte are a popular breed. Whether they will be friendly is a bit hit and miss. The little I've read seems to suggest Wyandotte from hatcheries tend to not be as friendly as those from individual breeders.

  4. I second Lizzy's statement. Stephen, I've been waiting for a new post forever...

  5. All this talk of droppings makes it hard for me to read this over breakfast.